Tuesday, April 29, 2008

daily vent take five...

I haven't felt like cooking - so lately we've eaten out a lot. Consequently, I've gone through a lot of drive through window lines. This really isn't a big deal unless you and the person on the other end are having communication issues.

I realize that working at Wendy's doesn't and shouldn't require a college degree (or even high school degree), how hard can it be? But, I think working at a drive through window SHOULD require you to speak English - at least well enough to understand and be understood.

I realize I've been a little overly-ornery since I've been 9 months pregnant but I'm certain this would bother me pregnant or not.

I went to Wendy's and was ordering something and the lady on the other end could NOT understand what I was saying. So after literally 5 minutes of frustration, I finally asked to speak to someone who spoke English and could understand me. Funnily enough, she understood THAT and got mad at me. I didn't finish ordering because it was pointless anyway and drove to the window and told her that she was welcome to yell at me when she could do it in ENGLISH!!!!

I also hate it when you're at the drive through window and after every single thing you order they say "is that everything"? NO, it isn't! Why don't you wait until there are at least 5 seconds of silence before you ask me that? I'll have a cheeseburger. "Is that everything"? No, I'll also have a side of fries. "Is that everything"? No, I'll also have a Diet Coke "Is that everything"? NO for the love of Pete!!!!


Kerri said...

HAHAHA!! We WERE separated at birth! I get annoyed when I order one meal and they think that is all! Mmmmm, HELLO...I have 5 other people to feed!

Last week I was at Ross. This Asian lady was standing (going through her cart) in front of the section I needed to look at. I said excuse me twice and after the third time she said, "You can go around." in perfect English. I said, "Actually, you're in front of the section I need to look at." She give me a nasty look and starts talking to herself in her native language so I shot back at her, "I don't care what language you mumble in you still have to move!" She gave me a nasty look and kept speaking her language. So I said, "Why don't you go home...no, not your home in GA but your native land...we don't want your here!" Not my proudest moment!

The Gould Family said...

That totally bugs! I feel like I'm inconviencing them by ordering my food and then I always end up forgetting something or just not ordering something I had really wanted because they keep asking "is that everything?" and make me feel like I"m the slowest person in the world or something. It drives me NUTS!

Also, I would have paid money to see you drive up the window and tell that woman she could yell at you when she could do it in english! so funny! ;0)

Samantha said...

Ohh, I bet Preston can't wait to get this baby out....I know Brian is about at the end of his string with me!!