Thursday, August 14, 2008

daily vent take nine...

Everyone has a vent about driving and bad drivers so it is inevitable that I'd finally have one. Truthfully, I could have vented MANY times before this about the bad drivers I've encountered while on the road but I've saved it until I can't stand it one second longer!

Is it just my car that attracts the worst drivers on the planet? Seriously, if there is a bad driver within a mile of my car, it is like there is some magnetic field that pulls them toward me.

What is it about women and roundabouts that don't mix...specifically middle aged and older women? It's not that tough, it's like an organized doughnut. There are no stop signs, no lights - simple.

So I get to a roundabout today and the old lady in front of me stops at the point of entry and waits....and waits....and waits until there is not a car in sight (and since it is a pretty crowded intersection, it was a long time). Most of the cars oncoming were turning before they even got to her. So FINALLY she pulls out into the roundabout and what do you know, stops again in the middle of the roundabout when she sees a car approaching. It took me like 45 minutes just to make it through the roundabout!

I hate it when people cut through parking lots! I'm guilty of doing it but I try not to do it often and if I do, I'm at least aware of other cars around me who are trying to abide by the lines. So yesterday I'm going to a store and pulling into the parking lot. I was driving correctly and not cutting through when some lady in a Cadillac going like 50 mph on a diagonal, cuts across the WHOLE parking lot and pulls right in front of me and STOPS. I could tell she was aiming for this parking spot that I was headed for and since I had been driving correctly, I sped up and pulled right in to the spot. My car isn't that nice, I have insurance, don't think I didn't think about ramming her right in the side of her car, because I did!

I hate it when you're trying to pull into a place like a gas station or fast food restaurant or some place like that and there is a car waiting to pull out only they are RIGHT in the middle so nobody can get in OR out or around until they pull out. My mom does this a lot!

The carpool lane is NOT the fast lane...nor is it the slow lane for single old men. I hate it when I'm in the carpool lane and going like 75 (my average speed on the freeway) and someone comes racing up behind me and rides my tail hoping that I'll go faster...not going to happen chuck! I also hate it when I'm in the carpool lane and there is some single old guy in the lane going like 45. He is usually always from Idaho and in a Ford Taurus. I also hate it when I'm in the carpool lane and people stare me down like I don't have enough people in my car to be driving in the carpool 2 kids are people too!


Ashby said...

Bad driving is my biggest pet peeve, especially since I spent a good two years commuting to work on I-15 I gained a lot of vents over stupid drivers.

But roundabouts (it's a YIELD PEOPLE not a stop!) and parking lots BY FAR tick me off more than anything. In Winslow it's always the Indians cutting through the parking lot. I can't tell you how many times I almost got T-boned because of that. GRR! Good daily vent!

Steven & Becky Heumann said...

I feel a little bad for the roundabout lady. I hate roundabouts! I don't quite get them. I don't think doughnuts should be organized...I think you should just eat them and put in stop lights.