Monday, October 13, 2008

daily vent take eleven...

All I wanted to do was sit peacefully and watch Les Miserables - yeah right!

This last weekend, Preston and I went to St. George to watch Big River on Friday and Les Miserables on Saturday. The plays were excellent, the conditions we watched them in were not.

" you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men, it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again..."

The music of Les Mis is probably the best I've heard. I love it! I love it when I see it at the theater, I love listening to the soundtrack, I DO NOT love listening to the lady next to me sing along with the actors while the play is going on! Why do people do this? Am I supposed to be impressed that she knew the words? Was she hoping the director would hear her and give her the lead in the next production?

Then as if trying to avoid listening to Celine Dion next to me wasn't enough, I had to try not to listen to the dude in front of me explain every nuance of the plot to his ditsy girlfriend. I don't know if it was that she was really that stupid or if he was so into it that he felt the need to tell her what was about to happen. Isn't that what the plot summary in the playbill is for?


Brittany said...

hahaha! You kill me!

Tanya and Ryan said...

I hate it when that happens! When I was a teenager my Aunt Shirley had season tickets to a Theature in Portland. She used to take me with her every once in awhile and this old lady must have had season tickets too because she was sitting next to us every time. She was always wearing about 2 bottles of rose perfume. My eyes would be watering and my nose burning by the intermission, and it wasn't from an emotional death scene. What is wrong with people! Anyway, at least you got to see Les Mis. Ryan and I saw it in San Fransisco and it was amazing. Big River is good, too. That's one of the plays I saw in Portland with my Auntie.