Sunday, November 23, 2008


This post in a nutshell: long and boring.

It's always a little scary typing a post like this because you can read any "tone" into it that you choose. I will say that I mean none of this in a sarcastic or malicious spirit, these are just my feelings and my take on the issue.

I can honestly say that I feel like I understand both sides of the argument. I understand why people are for it and why people are against it. I feel like I'm standing on a fence looking at both sides. That isn't to say that I'm ON the fence on the issue, I just mean that I can see the validity of both arguments.

For me, the issue is way less about gay marriage itself and more about the ramifications of passing a bill like the one proposed in California. Two main issues stand out as the most important points, neither of which are the marriage of two same sex people.

First, it seems like there is an underlying social issue here. My understanding is, if Proposition 8, or a measure similar to it, were to pass, it would then open the door for the public school systems to teach about marriage and families however they see fit. Isn't this essentially the same issue as the separation of church and state? How?

Joe Atheist doesn't want his child learning about God in school. Bob Christian doesn't want his child reading the Koran in school. Dave Muslim doesn't want his child learning about Hanukkah in school. It all sounds very reasonable to me...religious ideology and social issues have no place being taught in a public educational setting, hence the reason for separation of church and state. So why then, would it be OK for the public school system to teach the child of a straight couple about gay marriage? Conversely, why would a gay couple want the school system teaching their children that there is only one definition of marriage? Social issues have no place in a public forum, especially where young, impressionable minds are present. Social and moral issues should be taught in the home and in accordance with the values of that family.

Secondly, I don't care what two consenting adults do in their own home on their own time as long as it's legal. But if society decides to change the "definition of marriage" doesn't that open the door for other things like polygamy as just one example? If two adults of the same gender are allowed to be married, shouldn't 1 adult man and 4 adult women be able to marry using the same logic? In most states it is illegal to marry a sibling or a cousin - would that then be legal under the proposed new definition of marriage?

I find it ironic that a small percentage opponents to the proposition , the same ones who are fighting against "injustice and intolerance" are the same ones who are targeting those people who voiced an opinion different to theirs. Isn't targeting religious institutions with hatred and violence for their support of the measure really just another demonstration of "injustice and intolerance"?

I believe most people are reasonable - on both sides. I believe most people just want to have their voices heard and to be respected - on both sides. Don't we live in America where the right to speak freely is among our choicest freedoms? Can't people have differing opinions without the need for hatred and intolerance - on both sides?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

funny annie...

Sorry, I know this is boring and I wish that I had more interesting things to blog about but for some reason my life is so BLAH right now. I guess I should be grateful because interesting blog topics sometimes mean that life is crazy. I'm just typing so that I'll remember the funny things Annie said lately.

Whenever she goes to the bathroom she always calls me in to "wipe her bummy". Today when I headed in there, she goes..."mom, aren't you lucky". And I said what do you mean and she said "well, grandma always says aren't you lucky whenever you have to wipe my aren't you lucky today mom".

Also today while I was "wiping her bummy" (side note, this kid has got to have the cleanest intestinal tract of anyone alive, she is constantly pooping - sorry tmi). Anyway, today she goes "mom isn't that so interesting". And I said "isn't what interesting" and she said "it's just interesting mom". I think she's hearing new big words and is trying them out and hoping they'll fit somewhere.

And today while we were walking out of the chiropractors office she says "Mom look at that map. It says we have to stop at Ikea".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

and the winner is...


Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway! There is also giveaway going on here - so you have another chance to win. Also, if you didn't win, I'll be emailing your $5 coupon shortly!

Friday, November 14, 2008

clothing designer...

Annie is such a girly girl. She is into princesses and sparkly things. She loves dresses and skirts and if she had her way, she would never wear pants again. This morning I didn't have anywhere I had to go so she asked me if she could wear her summer skirt. I told her she could since we were just going to be around the house. A few minutes later she came in and said "mom, can I have some tape". I usually don't let her have it becuase she doesn't know how to break if off in pieces but I saw that the roll was almost gone and figured she could give it a whirl for whatever she had in mind. Usually she just wants to hang one of her recently drawn pictures on the wall.
After a while she comes wandering in with "pretty things" taped to her skirt so that it wouldn't look so plain. I seriously never know what this child is going to come up with next!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

funny annie...

Here is the conversation Annie and I had at dinner tonight:

Annie: mom today while I was watching my princess movie, Sleeping Beauty wasn't talking like herself.
Me: oh that's too bad.
Annie: mom, she was talking like a veenero girl and I didn't hear her.
Me: a what?
Annie: a veenero girl so I didn't hear what she was saying - can you fix it?

Then it occurred to me that in this particular movie there is a game on the DVD that you can play using the remote. Well, she must have gotten to the menu part somehow and changed it to Spanish because when I checked it, Sleeping Beauty was speaking in Spanish. No wonder Annie didn't understand what she was saying.

I'm still trying to figure out is what a veenero girl is???

good for a laugh...

I've seriously watched this at least 20 times and for some reason, I always laugh out loud EVERY time I see it...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas GIVEAWAY...

My friend Ashby is having probably the best giveaway I've seen in a long time - she has AMAZING stuff (the cards are especially cute)!

Visit her blog and leave your email address in the comments section and voila, you'll be entered!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

explaination please...

I'm a total dork - technologically speaking, (in every other way I'm totally awesome) but I do NOT understand facebook. I have a blog, I built a website, I frequent a few chat rooms, I can navigate a computer better than your average Joe but facebook I just don't understand! Everyone I know is on there and under immense pressure I finally signed up...but now what? What's the point?

Monday, November 3, 2008


I feel bad that I never say anything about Halle. She is getting so big so fast...I can't believe that she'll be 6 months old soon! She is the smiliest baby I've ever seen. One of my favorite things to do is to make her smile while she's crying - she is one of the only babies (or people for that matter) that I know of that can smile and cry at the same time. She brightens my days when I look at her.

She also is getting more mobile. She can crawl backwards and schooch forward (though not very far or very fast). One of these days I know she's just going to take off and then I'm going to have to start worrying about where to find her.
I love the noises that she makes. She makes the cutest little growling noises, it is hilarious. She really is such a good and happy baby. I lucked out again!