Friday, April 16, 2010

the easter egg...

To most people, this probably looks like a normal Eater egg. To me, it looks like the funniest thing that has happened lately. The other day I was fixing the kids breakfast and asked what they wanted - they said eggs. So I reached in and pulled out the old Easter eggs because I was going to throw them away and make some more. I noticed that the carton was empty and asked Annie when she had eaten the last egg. She said she hadn't eaten it. I must have looked confused because she said "mom, I put it in my sock drawer to give to grandma Lori". I said "you put the actual egg in your sock drawer or a plastic egg"? She said, "the real egg. I put it in there because I know socks are soft and it wouldn't break in there and I wanted to keep it safe for her until I could give it to her". I told her to go get it and sure enough, there was the Easter egg nice and safe (and a few weeks old) that she'd pulled from her sock drawer.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

daily vent take fifteen...

I am not a petite person. I don't realistically anticipate that I ever will be. I have big bones (sure those large bones are encased in 23 inches of fat and very little muscle but they're big bones none the less).

The other day I went to this boutique/store to see if I could find a cute and inexpensive pair of jeans. So I walk up to the table and start looking around. I see that they have my size but when I hold them up I see that they are the unrealistic version of my size and not the actual version that someone who has had two kids and whose body has seen better days would actually wear.

So I ask the clerk if they have it in a size larger and she says no. Then she comes over and says, "you think you need a size X, oh you don't, these are HUGE" and then holds them up by me. I told her I was certain that they wouldn't fit and that I'd just check somewhere else. She lifts up the jeans again, tugs at the waist and says "these will for sure fit you, go try them on, they're huge."

At this point, knowing they wouldn't fit, I just wanted to make her feel as stupid as possible so I agreed, took the jeans and stepped into the dressing room.

You know your headed for disappointment when you have the pants 1/2 way up your legs and already you're struggling for your next breath. So I yank them up past my hips, attempt to button them (which just wasn't happening) and assess what I see in the mirror. I looked like I was attempting to put on stylish compression pants, they were tight and hideous. Not to mention I couldn't zip or button them up.

About this time the sales girls (who HAD to be working on commission) came knocking at my door asking what I thought of the jeans. I stepped out of the dressing room (garments showing and fat dimples bulging) and said, "you're right, these are huge". The poor girl was speechless. I don't know if she was embarrassed or in shock that anyone dared step out in public looking like I did but either way, she was horrified.

It's a good thing I have a healthy self esteem!

So my vent isn't actually about the girl thinking that the jeans that were WAY too small for me were HUGE - although, it could be.

I can't stand it when I'm being realistic about myself and the size of my body and other people feel the need to tell me it isn't so. I'm not fishing for a compliment, I understand that I'm not a size 2. Please don't feel it necessary to try and reassure me that I'm not a little chunky - I know I am and I'm obviously ok with it as I haven't gone on a diet or taken up a rigorous exercise routine.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

photography class...

One thing I've always wanted to be better at (honestly there are MANY but this one seemed to be within reach) is taking pictures. It's not like I want to become a professional or even have a business, I just wanted to be able to take decent pictures of my kids and the day to day activities that we do.

So I signed up for a photography class.

I'm so excited because I think my pictures are actually improving. I've figured out how to handle the manual settings. I know what most of the little numbers and letters on my camera mean and I'm really excited to be able to use my pictures in my blog books without having to edit EVERY SINGLE picture!