Monday, May 17, 2010

happy birthday...

Halle turned 2 last week - I can hardly believe two years has gone by. My mom helped us celebreate on the day of her birthday by taking us to the Spaghetti Factory, the Disney Store and McDonald's. And just on Saturday, we had a Disneyland themed family party. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said Disneyland and since we couldn't go there, I figured the next best thing was to bring Disneyland here.

Halle eating the birthday dinner of champions, mac and cheese - hey, she was happy.

Opening the present that Annie got for her...

One of our FAVORITE places at Disneyland is Pooh Corner...I decided to make some of our favorite treats from there. We also had Blue Bayou Mint Juleps, Pizza Port Pasta, Bengal BBQ skewers, Adventureland Dole Whips and red velvet cake...

Halle's favorite things, fruit snacks and Mickey Mouse...

Happy Birthday Halle!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

new goal...

Recently I've seen a lot of my friends start something called "a picture a day" or something similar to that. GREAT idea! I need to start doing that too. But, lately I've been looking through old pictures and videos and I hardly have any video's, which makes me sad. I look at how cute they are and how much the kids have grown and I wonder why when it is so easy to turn on a camera and push record that I don't do it more often. So, my new goal is to take 1 video every day - even if it is only 10 seconds long.

Maybe next I'll do the picture a day thing too...

Monday, May 3, 2010

crisis at thirty...

I'll be turning thirty soon. I hadn't really planned on this being a big deal. I planned on celebrating it like I would any other birthday. I've even started saying I'm thirty just to ease into it and not have it be so shocking and horrifying. That was the plan.....that isn't what's happening.

I think the meltdown started while I was watching the winter Olympics this past February. It's not that I have big dreams of becoming a winter Olympian, I have no skill in that area and I hate being cold. It was the realization that even if I wanted to and was talented enough, I'm too old now.

Same goes for American Idol.

The other day at the store a twenty-something year old guy stopped me by saying "ma'am...". Oh great, I've gone from Miss to ma'am and that only happens in your 30's.

A few nights ago we were watching the Jazz game and at one point they said the ages of a few of the players. I'm older than Carlos Boozer. Have you seen him? He looks like he's 40 and I'm OLDER than he is! If I wanted to play in the NBA, I would be rapidly approaching my retirement years.

My dentist is the same age as I am!

I've nearly reached the age when I can say the phrase: "when I was in my 20's...". I have reached the point where I can lump a whole decade together and it can be considered just a passing moment. The decade before that I was 10. I've reached the point where my life is being lumped into decades.

I'm passed the age of excuses: I didn't know any better, I've never done that before, I'll do that when I'm older, I'm so inexperienced, etc.

All of this is disconcerting, but I think the bulk of the problem lies in the fact that I feel so under-accomplished. Now that I'm lumping decades together I can say that I hoped to achieve more in my 20's, hoped to be in a different situation, hoped to have changed somehow, hoped to be thinner, hoped to be better and stronger in my faith and faithful pursuits, hoped to be things I'm not.

I anticipate my 40's will be better. I'll be used to lumping decades together, having people call me ma'am will be the norm, competing in the Olympics or auditioning for American Idol will be only a distant memory from a decade earlier, I'll get an older dentist and I will have finally run out of excuses.

Yes, 40 will be better!