Friday, June 4, 2010

and the winner is......someone else

Last weekend I ran a 5K. I ran the same 5K last year (my very first one ever) and finished in just under an hour - not too fabulous. This year I was determined to do better, it shouldn't be difficult considering last years lack luster time.

The race started, I was near the middle of the "pack". I get passed by quite a few people, something I expected since I've run in several races now. I get passed by a few more, I'm still ok with that. Then I get passed by an old guy wearing dockers and a dress shirt who is wearing tennis shoes. I'm wondering where he came from but I'm still confident that I'll pass him eventually given his age and attire. "Just wait until we get to the hills gramps" I think to myself.

I keep running. I feel good about myself even though legions of people have passed me at this point. Then comes the old lady up on my left, passing me. I look at her - she has to be 75 years old! At this point I turn around and see a sparsity of people behind me. There is one middle aged fat guy and behind him the open road!

Surely I can't be at the back, I have to be somewhere in the middle. Hey, I'd even settle for the middle of the back.

I finish the race with a respectable time of 36 minutes and change. WAY better than last year and not too shabby considering I ran the whole time, there were a lot of hills and I'm not really a runner.

Guess who finished last? The middle aged fat guy. Guess who was next? Me.