Wednesday, August 11, 2010

do I have to listen for another 30 years?

There is a certain person in my life *mom* whom I love but who has this horribly annoying habit. My mom and I have known each other for nearly 30 years now and EVERY SINGLE time I eat with her, at a restaurant or in her own kitchen, she HAS to comment on the way I eat. And, not only comment but say it like it's the first time she's ever noticed and the first time she's ever said anything about it.

I don't like tomoatoes. Never have. Unfortunately for me, tomatoes come on just about everything! I try to be vigilant about 86ing the tomatoes whenever possible but sometimes, I forget. It's not like I don't want to like tomatoes, my taste buds just won't allow it. And people *again, mom* always say, "there is nothing like a tomato picked right from the garden". So, every year I plant a few tomato plants and every year I try a tomato picked right from the garden and EVERY YEAR I nearly ralph on my shoes. It's a vicious cycle I see repeating itself for at least the next 30 years, just has it has for the last 30.

Still, every time I'm with my mom and I have forgotten to axe the tomatoes, she acts like I have just committed a felony. "Oh Emily, tomatoes are delicious, how can you not like them, there must be something wrong with you". Seriously, EVERY TIME.

I'm not a picky eater, I SWEAR I'm not...but I am very particular about eating meat. Some people have no problem chewing meat off the bones, gristle and all - I am NOT one of those people. Whenever I cut into a piece of meat, I inspect it for fat, veins, under-doneness or anything else that looks like it doesn't belong in my stomach, not to mention my mouth. So, every time I eat meat, I laboriously cut away any fat, cut around any veins, stab it with my fork, hold it as close as I can get it to my eyeballs and find only the most perfect parts. I also have a "discard" pile which is generally larger than the "intake" pile. I've always been this way. Again, I don't see this one changing any time soon. I don't imagine there will come a time when I'll just say "oh that piece of meat has veins and blood and fat seeping out of it, oh well", and shove it in my mouth.

And again, EVERY TIME I eat meat around my mom she acts as though this is a new habit I've conjured up, one that she's appalled at and never seen before. Moreover, she proceeds to me and anyone around (which usually happen to be my dad and husband who are VERY aware of the way I eat meat already) that I'm being ridiculous and I should just eat the meat. I don't know what she's complaining about, when I'm done digging through my meat, I always share my discard pile with her.


Ashby said...

I'm pretty sure I could have written that post myself. Hate tomatoes with a passion. Won't eat them unless they are disguised by something else. And I dissect my meat every time, even chicken. Boneless and skinless even gets a de-turding from me before I ever cook it.

The Dabo's said...

Haha. I know I have said this before but we are too much alike! At least we are not bad as Kat. With all her dipping sauces and special orders. I can only imagine how many loogy quesadilla's she's eaten.