Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a few things I don't understand....

Conditioning shampoo. Seriously, has anyone EVER used a conditioning shampoo that has actually conditioned their hair? I hate it when I've been unfortunate enough to forget my own shampoo and conditioner and have had to use the hotel's 'conditioning shampoo'. It makes me want to rub the 'moisturizing body lotion' all over my hair just so it doesn't end up in a big, crazy bouffant on top of my head. Have you ever tried to comb through your hair after using the conditioning shampoo by itself?

Play Dates. It's not that I don't like them or that I don't like my kids to play, I do. I just don't understand the term 'play date'. Whatever happened to just playing? I remember when I was little I'd run home from school and ask my mom if I could play with this person or that, never once did I say "can I have a play date with so and so". It's weird.

Gymboree. I understand that this is a very popular store and I admit that on occasion, I have made a few purchases from there. But what I don't understand is why anyone who has a kid older than 5 or 6 would want to shop there. Why would a 10 year old want a shirt and a jacket and pants and a hair bow with a little poodle and a lollipop all over them?

Mexican Music. No offense to our neighbors to the South but I think I've finally figured out why so many of them want to come to America - it's to get away from that dreadful music. For one thing, it all sounds EXACTLY the same. I can't picture myself listening to it and thinking "oh I love this song". If I want to listen to something that sounds like people wailing and banging pots and pans together, I have 2 kids willing to accommodate.

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