Tuesday, January 25, 2011

running hands...

Last night I worked out at the gym for the first time since college. Actually, worked out at a rec center for the first time in my life. And oh boy was it an experience! I didn't even notice that I'd been running around the track for an hour because I was so busy "observing" the other people there.

Of course there was the one guy who was working out in his levis.

Then there was the girl who you could tell used to cute and skinny 10 years ago but is no longer that same person - but she is still wearing the same workout clothes she used to wear when she was cute and skinny. I now want to poke out my minds eye, there are some things you just can't unsee.

There was the guy who was dressed from head to toe in skin tight under armor clothes, loaded up the free weights with like 1000 pounds sat down like he was going to bench press the world and spent the ENTIRE hour I was there on his cell phone. Hope you got a good workout holding that cell phone up to your ear, dude.

Then there was the girl who CLEARLY got ready to go workout at the gym. I've never seen more makeup and mascara on a person whose intent appears to be working out. Sorry chicka but I don't think the big dangly earrings and entire can of hairspray are going to help you on the stair climber. And, if you sweat even one drop your face is going to run like a stream. Oh and really, is the only place you can find to bend over and work out right in the middle of the free weights where all the guys happen to be???

I'm also suddenly very aware of what my hands look like when I run.

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