Wednesday, February 9, 2011

why do you work here?

Have you ever noticed that at most stores you go to the employees are ineffectual and unknowledgeable at best? Home Depot, Costco, WalMart and Roberts are the first ones that come to mind but I'm sure if I thought about it for a two seconds more, I could come up with a longer list.

The other day I went to Roberts and I asked one of the workers if they had a certain item. She says "I don't even know what that is". Fair enough. But then she says "I'll try to find it". Which at first doesn't sound like terrible customer service except she proceeds to walk up and down the aisles while I'm following behind her like a hungry puppy. All the while I'm thinking "I could have done this". Why didn't she just say "I don't know" and move on instead of wasting my time by walking me up and down all the wrong aisles?

I don't feel like a complete imbecile in a home improvement store. I'm certainly not a contractor or a handyman but I know what most of the general things are. How come every time I go into Home Depot I can NEVER seem to find anyone that works there? And, on the off chance I finally do find someone it seems that I know more than they do? One time I went to get some sprinkler parts - I admit to being a complete dummy about anything sprinkler related. So after about 30 minutes I finally found someone walking around in an orange apron and asked them my sprinkler related question. They didn't know and had to track down the guy that worked in the sprinkler department. When I got home I had completely the wrong part and had to go all the way back because Preston was up to his elbows in dirt. When I got back and couldn't find someone a second time, I finally just asked some dude who was buying sprinkler parts who looked like he knew what he was doing. Only then did I get what I needed.

If you know me well, you know I hate WalMart. I have nothing good to say about them and avoid shopping there on principal unless I absolutely have to. Little side vent, I hate it when people say they hate WalMart but then shop there like twice a week. If you hate it, DON'T shop there! I digress. I hate WalMart for so many reason, the least of which isn't the people who work there. Talk about ineffectual employees! I swear that on more than one occasion I have asked someone a question only to have them stare at me blankly and continue on with what they were doing - without saying anything. The one time I did get good service I was at the gun counter buying ammunition and the dude knew everything there was to know! I'm not sure whether to be grateful or a little bit scared.

I feel like it's almost blasphemous to say anything bad about Costco because I love it so much. I do not however, love their employees so much! Is it just me or do all the employees seem really self involved and bothered if they have to help you? And it seems like it's everyone: the cashiers, the floor workers and especially the customer service/returns people. Maybe it's just the Lehi Costco or maybe it's just me or maybe I'm just so focused on the idiots driving the carts that I fail to notice any nice employees, but I've yet to find one.


The Dabo's said...

First of all, I was just having this conversation with my Mom today. How come everytime you call for some kind of technical support they act so annoyed that you didn't go to techy school. Obviously the only people that should be calling a tech help line would be the ones who don't know a ton about the computer. And isn't that their job at the tech call center? I don't get it.
1. I agree with Roberts. They have never been a help and they have no idea what is stocked on their shelves.
2. Go to Lowes. They have buttons to push in the department that pages the right person.
3. I too hate Wally world. Thank goodness I only have to go to get my special hairspray which for some reason walmart has a monopoly on. And the workers probably don't respond to your questions because they donta speake' english.
4. I love Costco and seriously have the workers do EVERYTHING for me. A full cart is freakin heavy to push and seriously the handle hits above my boobs, so I look 12 pushing the carts. If I remember I have forgotten something clear in the back of the store I will ask for them to get it. I spend enough there to have help right?

Matt Matt Matt Maaaaaatt! said...

For good customer service you needed to go to JoAnn Fabric circa 1998...

Wimzie Prints said...

Man, I have so many stories about this issue. One time I was at Target in California looking for a slip to wear under a skirt. I asked the employee stocking the racks in the Women's department if they had any slips and she looked at me like I had spoken in Greek or something. It didn't take me too long to figure out she didn't speak ANY English...Sheesh!