Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I guess I'm trying to be more sensitive or something but I have SERIOUSLY been biting my tongue on facebook lately. Never one to withhold an opinion, I just have to have an outlet for my rantings and somewhere to get it "off my chest". Therefore, it is with the disclaimer that you may in fact be offended if you continue to read what I write in the rest of this blog...don't say I didn't warn you.

First of all, I don't get the notion of being offended. I would be lying if I said that I've never been offended but I wouldn't be lying to say that I've RARELY been offended. It just doesn't happen that often. In my opinion, to be offended you have to have some real investment in another persons point of view. Maybe I'm insensitive or maybe I just don't put that much stock in what other people say but I just hardly ever take things personally. I guess until recently I just figured everyone was this way, or at the very least that people didn't put very much stock in what I had to say and would just brush something off as my opinion.

Back to the fun (and potentially offensive part).

There are a few people, whom I wouldn't even call friends that I'm "friends" with on facebook. I would LOVE to unfriend them. Every time I read their status updates (and there are a lot of them) I roll my eyes and wonder why I haven't just taken them off my list yet. But they're like a car accident - hard not to look at. I just can't stop reading about the inane things they have to say and rolling my eyes. I completely understand the irony here - that scores of people probably feel the same way about what I have to say on facebook. The difference: I DON'T CARE!

I think Barack Obama is a dolt and people who still like him after all the asinine things he has done fall into that same category. I understand liking him initially I guess, because he is a wonderful orator (with a teleprompter). But short of eloquently reading words off of a piece of glass, he is a complete waste of space. Wait, that's not true, he doesn't waste the space he takes up, he makes it worse. Just once I would love to talk to a rational supporter of Obama and figure out what it is that still makes them like him or what good they feel he has done. If there is one out there - I might even promise to withhold my opinion while I was listening. I would promise to try anyway.

When I say "this is dumb", I'm not intending to insult people who cannot speak. When I say "this is stupid" I'm not intending to insult people with a lower than average IQ, it's just something to say to try and express how I feel about a certain situation. I've recently seen commercials and heard comments about how insulting phrases similar to these are to people. Now I'm not suggesting that we all walk around intentionally insulting one another and I'm also not suggesting we go around calling each other racial slurs. I do however think that people need to grow thicker skin. What am I supposed to say next time I get upset about a situation? Is there nothing I can say that won't insult some race, sexuality, identity, intelligence or otherwise?

Now that I've decided to use my blog as my opinion outlet (it is afterall, my blog and you are more than welcome NOT to read it) I'm sure I'll be back often to share my opinion here rather than facebook!


Jessica said...

I totally understand the trainwreck on FB. We may even have the same person in mind. Eventually I will unfriend them, but for now, I roll my eyes.

The Dabo's said...

Don't worry I offend more than I get offended too. I've learned to be more quiet on Facebook, people get so huffy about the dumbest things.

The Dabo's said...

Oh and those paper towels will be gone in a month!