Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have a love hate relationship with facebook - equal parts love and hate. Of course I'm not going to focus on what it is that I love about facebook.  Although I will say that I do love "reading" the people who are like a slow motion train wreck with their updates and comments, it really is my favorite thing. I dare say I would probably give up facebook all together in the interest spending my time wisely if it weren't for that ONE thing.

What do I hate about facebook?  Where do I start?

I'm SUPER glad for you if your husband earns $3million a year and you have seven houses and the perfect life.  Mine doesn't and I don't.  Isn't there SOMETHING else you can post about once in a while?  I'm sure that even though you have a maid and and a cook and birds chirp when you pee that there is something that isn't picture perfect - post that.  I'm not saying you have to dwell on all things negative (like me) but seriously?!?

If I'm commenting on a friends post and I don't know you...just leave my comment alone unless the post is obviously up for debate. Chances are (in my case anyway) that I'm being sarcastic and we have a little inside joke going on.

Do you seriously have to say goodnight to your husband/wife on facebook?  I am TOTALLY for the occasional "i love you", "my spouse is amazing" or "happy anniversary" shout out but can you not turn your head to the left and just say goodnight?  They're out of, send a text send a message, facebook has chat - use that!

If you have facebook mobile and you hit the "check in" button more than 4 times a day we will cease to be friends.  I don't care to know where you are that much.